Coogee Beach & Paradise Island Activity Manual

Coogee Bay along with Coogee Beach lies towards the eastern side of the suburb. The beach is most popular for swimming and surfing. Coogee is located in Australia also part of Eastern Suburbs and the south-eastern Sydney regions.


Activities include:


Children’s Festival – A full program of fun for children which includes a gigantic artistic playground packed with things to do and new things to get stuck into. Two weeks of stories, arts, creatures, nonsense and most importantly fun. Up to 75% of all programs are free.


Golf – A paradise for golfers with 3 top golf courses. Close to hotel, only 20 minute drive.  Rand wick public golf course and Ran wick golf course are roughly just up the road so you have many options to golf wherever.


Diving – Scuba dive into the majestic underwater paradise. With crystal clear waters you will notice beautiful and exotic fish and many other sea creatures. This diving trail provides an excellent milieu for peaceful diving.


Surfing & Surfing – Coogee Beach is a safe beach which offers many swimming alternatives for swimmers and surfers.  The beach is mostly patrolled by surf life guards. For the safety of the people it is best to follow their instructions and to always swim between flags displayed on the beach.



Located in the Bahamas just off the shore of the city of Nassau. While visiting Paradise Island you will find hundreds of activities on land and sea to choose from.


Activities include:

Aquaventure – which is one of the largest water park attractions in the world, this includes 141 acres of waterscape and up to 20 million gallons of water, Consists of thrilling water slides, mile Long River ride with wave surges and never before seen special effects. They have up to 11 pools and a 7 acre snorkeling lagoon.


Dolphin Cay- Has up to 14 acre dolphin habitat and up to 30 dolphins and over 7 million gallons of sea water. It is known to be one of the largest and most sophisticated of its kind in the world.


Beaches – Every Beach has its own unique characteristics and assets. With 17 inviting stretches of beach within the reach of downtown.  Water temperature will be around 80 degrees so it’s best to settle down and take beach strolls. The sands generally are powder soft and the water is such a spectacular sight to see for its aqua color.


Fishing – One of the greatest sport fishing destinations in the world.  The calm waters allow minimum travel time to get to prime fishing grounds which is known to be 30 feet of water. There are tons of fish in this region making the fishing experience simple and comfortable.

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Cruising the Bahamas with Newvida Yacht

Post by Ricardo Lumbardo

The Bahamas is a truly magnificent location. The Islands of Bahamas have a heady mix of tropical beauty and international glamour, which tends to make it quite unique. Nassau on the New Providence Island is the main keep for most travelers and is extremely beauty. It provides a good mix of fresh fish markets, boutiques and chic shops, water sports, fine dining and a lot of other attractions. On the other hand the Grand Bahamas Island is an ecological wonder and totally normal. The rare flowers and fauna, the limestone caves underwater and the of course the stunning beaches are all serene.

The Out Islands of Bahamas and the other smaller islands are all secluded with some of the most awe-inspiring beaches, fishing sites and diving locations. The finest way to be capable to access some of the hidden and the most far-flung islands is by a yacht and there is no much better way to travel to the Bahamas then by chartering a yacht. Nonetheless, not any yacht would do if you are preparing to take a trip to the Bahamas. Bahamas would want a special yacht.

Newvida yacht

The greatest yacht for the Bahamas is the Newvida yacht. This yacht had been built by Delta Marine in the year 2001 and had been refitted substantially in the year 2007 when state of the art audio-visual and communication systems, security systems, an entertainment area and a Flybridge Deck had been extra to it. The yacht is 48.77 m in length and has a cruising speed of 12.


Accommodation aboard Newvida yacht is one of the finest attributes about it. The yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests and a crew of 11. There are two double cabins, two single cabins and three triple cabins. All of the guest rooms on the yacht have been really elegantly developed to make them comfortable for a trip. The sun decks, the entertainment space, the dining area and all the social spaces on the yacht are open, relaxed and quite soothing which is perfect for a trip.

The guest rooms aboard the Newvida yacht are really spacious and have been decorated with luxurious upholstery even though still keeping a really refined and elegant touch. The yacht capabilities an open deck with sun beds in which the guests can take it easy and enjoy themselves on a sunny afternoon. There is a Jacuzzi accessible for the guests, which is one particular of the preferred spots on the yacht for the guests to unwind and socialize with buddies.

The yacht also has really spacious bathrooms, which exude a sense of luxury. The audio visual equipment and the communications equipment obtainable on board guarantee that the guests can be entertained and can remain in touch with the rest of the planet no matter where they are. A yacht like this would be the excellent way to cruise the Bahamas because of its comfort level and its seaworthiness.

Newvida Yacht is offered for charter from Fraser yachts, specialists in luxury yacht charter, sales and management.

The moment a haven for pirates, smugglers and bootleggers, the islands of The Bahamas are a retreat of fine white sand, subtle coral coloured beaches, lush tropical scenery, crystal clear waters and year-round sunshine possessing an regular year round temperature of 31c. There are more than 700 pretty islands covering a 100000 square mile location of the Atlantic ocean. Each and every of the 30 populated islands has its own distinct character and allure, and all you have to do is to decide on which one particular.New Providence, Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island are marvellous resorts, offering every single conceivable sport and recreational facility, planet class snorkelling, diving and a varied programme of evening entertainment and activities. Invest lazy days and crazy nights or simply do practically nothing at all but loosen up on a single of the soft powder white sandy beaches watching the ever transforming hues of the clear turquoise sea.
Video Rating: four / 5

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Appreciate a dream holiday in Freeport Bahamas

Article by Suzane Gray

Freeport is the capital of Bahamas and one of the most attractive destinations for travelers who are frequent in Bahamas. Holidaying in Bahamas is one activity that many people love to do with their family and friends. People go for a holiday to relax and enjoy and take a break from the normal life that becomes monotonous. If you do not take a break at the right time, you can get stressed out and this can cause you setbacks in business and any other avenue that you may be working in. Freeport in Bahamas is a great holiday destinations for you to take a break and enjoy with family and friends.

There are a number of hotels and resorts in Freeport where you can put up for your holiday. In fact the place is very nice; you can even plan to go on a honeymoon with your spouse and have a memorable honeymoon. The amazing scenery and the beaches with white sand and stone are a great attraction to Freeport in Bahamas. Most of the hotels and resorts are located near the port so you will not have to undergo any hassles to reach the port. You can share a quiet evening with your spouse in the beaches there.

You can visit the marketplace in Freeport Bahamas to bring back any souvenir that you may like. The marketplace has much other stuff that you can buy from Bahamas. Many people go to the Bahamas to spend their holidays and even if you are a little bit low on the financial aspect, you can still have a wonderful time. There are certain cheap holiday packages that you can take up to enjoy a holiday in the Bahamas. Taking up a cheap holiday package for Freeport Bahamas does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy your holiday completely.

Yes, they are cheap but the packages offered are very attractive and you will not miss out on any aspect. There are certain things that you will have to take care of while taking a holiday package offered by an agent or a holiday package company. Make sure that you check out the various features offered by the touring company. Do not get duped by some fraud person who may be offering you very cheap rates. Make sure to check out the rates offered by other traveling companies to find out that you are not being taken for a ride by someone.

Finding out about a tour or travel package for Freeport Bahamas is not a big deal. The internet is a great source from where you can find all the information that you want about Freeport Bahamas. After all you are going out for holiday and it’s mandatory for you to know everything about that place. Freeport Bahamas is the ideal destination for you and your family or spouse to go on a holiday.

Suzane Gray has been offering Bahama travel and vacation packages advice for quite some time. She is working as a consultant for GoBahama. To find Cheap Bahamas vacation packages, Grand bahama island,Bahamas travel package,spring break vacation package,Freeport Bahamas at cheap rates that best suits your needs, visit

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A Taste of The Bahamas: A Recipe For Johnny Cakes


Nassau is the capital city of The Bahamas, lies on the island of New Providence. The Bahamas consist of ethnic groups such as Afro-Bahamians 85%, European Bahamian 12%, Hispanic 3%, and Asian/Indo-Caribbean 3%. English is the official language nevertheless, men and women also speak Creole.

Country Data

Geographic Facts

Right here are 3 geographic details about the Bahamas:

1.            The Bahamas is a country consisting of 29 islands, 661 cays, and 2,387 islets (rocks).

two.            It is positioned in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba and Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti), northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands, and southeast of the United States (nearest to the state of Florida).

three.            Its total land region is 13939 km2 (5382 sq mi) slightly bigger than the US states

of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined), with an estimated population of 330,000.

three “Serious” Facts

Here are three significant details about the Bahamas:

1.            The Bahamas is a parliamentary democracy with two major parties, the Free National Motion and the Progressive Liberal Party.

2.            The economic climate has a really competitive tax regime. The government derives its revenue from import tariffs, license fees, property and stamp taxes, but there is no revenue tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax, worth-additional tax (VAT), or wealth tax.

3.            The Bahamas is the third richest country in the Americas (following the United

States and Canada), the richest one that lies south of the Mexico – US border as effectively as the richest 1 in the planet, whose population is predominantly of African origin in terms of GDP per capita.

three “Fun” Facts

Right here are three severe details about the Bahamas:

1.            Junkanoo is a classic African street parade of music, dance, and art held in Nassau (and a couple of other settlements) each and every Boxing Day, New Year’s Day. Junkanoo is also utilised to celebrate other holidays and events such as Emancipation Day.

2.            Swim and interact with trained dolphins in the protected waters and national surroundings of The Dolphin Expertise Lagoon.

three.            The Andros Barrier Reef situated in the Bahamas is the third largest living reef in the planet. About 5percent of the world’s coral reefs are positioned in the Bahamas, an amount surpassing even Australia’s Excellent Barrier Reef.

A “Potpourri” Item

Here is an unusual fact (or two or three) about the Bahamas:

1.            The yellow elder is the Bahamas national flower. The yellow elder was chosen as the national flower of the Bahamas because it is native to the Bahamas Islands, and it blooms all through the year

3 Pieces of Travel Information

Here are 3 pieces of info that travelers to the Bahamas will want to know about where to go, what to see, and/or how to stay secure while there:

1.            The climate of the Bahamas is subtropical to tropical. The Bahamas can bevery dangerous in the summer season and autumn, when hurricanes pass near or via the islands.

two.            The Bahamas relies on tourism to create most of its economic activity. An instance of Tourism in the Bahamas is the quantity of cruise ships that land in the capital of Nassau where tourists check out the straw marketplace to buy various products or have their hair braided.

3.            Tourist visit the Atlantis Waterscape positioned in Nassau, Bahamas. It is a single of the world’s biggest open-air aquariums it has a entire host of lagoons and is property to 200 species of marine life.

Meals Data


Johnny Cake
2 cups flour
two tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. salt
3 tsp. baking powder
three tsp. oil
1 cup milk

Mix the flour, sugar, baking powder (soda) and salt collectively to type a effectively. Then add the oil and milk. Mix and knead for a handful of minutes. Put into a greased 8×8-inch square pan and place in a 374 degree preheated oven. Bake around 20 minutes. Most recipes suggest serving hot with butter.

My Kitchen Story 

             The recipe for the Johnny Cakes is extremely effortless. I just followed the directions gradually. You can make the Johnny Cake with or without cornmeal. I chose to make the Johnny Cake without the cornmeal simply because it is less fattening. My mother believed my test batch tasted really excellent. My mother was surprised to uncover me in the kitchen since I do not needed like to cook. My meals came out fine with out any mishaps.


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Written by David Wyld
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Caribbean Resort Atlantis in the Bahamas – Disneyland in the Shangri-la of the Caribbean

Write-up by Edgar Landry

it can entertain youngsters of any age. Browsing for the suitable seashell, constructing castles in the sand, playing in the waves, or swimming with dolphins are just a handful of of the special routines you can pursue correct here.Even though h2o actions are the initial point most folks these days contemplate of, these peaceful islands have extremely a bit considerably a lot more to give, especially in Nassau and on Paradise Island at the Atlantis Bahamas.Nassau is complete of historical past… Pirates ran rampant in this place, so be certain and take in some of the exhibits and artifacts from the days when pirates attempted to rule the seas.In Nassau, you can swim with educated dolphins. At the Blue Lagoon Island Dolphin Encounter, close to Cable Beach, wade waist-deep into the beautiful drinking water to go to with dolphins. If you wish, you can borrow snorkeling gear and generally swim with them, also.If dolphins are your matter, you can interact with them in Freeport. UNEXSO (formerly the Underwater Exploration Society) can allow you find out a lot far more about dolphins. UNEXSO was co-founded by the renowned Jacques Cousteau.An added dolphin program is positioned at Sanctuary Bay. Right here they run a refuge for these pleasant aquatic mammals. The dolphins do a regular demonstrate for readers, and will generally snuggle up, asking to be petted. Boats are accessible for cruising close to the islands.In Exuma, lease a boat to hop much more than to Hog Beach on Huge Crucial Island. Here you can see a legend come to way of life. The tale goes that fifty a lengthy time or a lot a lot more back, a farmer brought a several pigs over to the island so they could forage in the wild. His plan was to permit them populate the island, so he’d have a beneficial supply of meat for his relatives. The animals all roam totally free in this gorgeous 12-acre garden.You are missing out on paradise if you have never ever ever been to the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. The resort, which is on its individual island, is not like any other in the whole planet. It will get you days just to see the grounds and discover almost everything the resort has to give. For this cause the title of the resort, each and every small thing is made and decorated to make you truly really feel like you are in the misplaced city of Atlantis. The grounds are crammed with wildlife habitats from shark tanks to sting ray bays.AccommodationsGuests have a range of accommodation choices even even though remaining at the resort. There are towers that have hundreds of rooms, ranging from a resort watch room to a penthouse high end suite. Even the rooms are decorated with the “Atlantis” idea. The newest towers are distinctive and concentrate on a younger crowd. The “Cain” tower has its individual private pool, bar and cabanas. The most properly-acknowledged waterslide, “The Leap of Faith”, shoots the rider straight down a pipe and then washes them as a outcome of a shark tank. Riders are surprised as they see shark swimming about them.Other Attractions The Atlantis presents all kinds of attractions and points to do, from dolphin excursions to scuba diving. The lagoon positioned in the middle of the resort is the location friends can snorkel and swim.

Frank is a researcher in the field of ecotourism. He loves his two dogs, Latvia and Sahara, and enjoys camping. He was spent practically 4 decades analyzing and pondering all inclusive caribbean vacations. His preferred resort is atlantis bahamas and works with local schools to far better their education.

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