Cruising the Bahamas with Newvida Yacht

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The Bahamas is a truly magnificent location. The Islands of Bahamas have a heady mix of tropical beauty and international glamour, which tends to make it quite unique. Nassau on the New Providence Island is the main keep for most travelers and is extremely beauty. It provides a good mix of fresh fish markets, boutiques and chic shops, water sports, fine dining and a lot of other attractions. On the other hand the Grand Bahamas Island is an ecological wonder and totally normal. The rare flowers and fauna, the limestone caves underwater and the of course the stunning beaches are all serene.

The Out Islands of Bahamas and the other smaller islands are all secluded with some of the most awe-inspiring beaches, fishing sites and diving locations. The finest way to be capable to access some of the hidden and the most far-flung islands is by a yacht and there is no much better way to travel to the Bahamas then by chartering a yacht. Nonetheless, not any yacht would do if you are preparing to take a trip to the Bahamas. Bahamas would want a special yacht.

Newvida yacht

The greatest yacht for the Bahamas is the Newvida yacht. This yacht had been built by Delta Marine in the year 2001 and had been refitted substantially in the year 2007 when state of the art audio-visual and communication systems, security systems, an entertainment area and a Flybridge Deck had been extra to it. The yacht is 48.77 m in length and has a cruising speed of 12.


Accommodation aboard Newvida yacht is one of the finest attributes about it. The yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests and a crew of 11. There are two double cabins, two single cabins and three triple cabins. All of the guest rooms on the yacht have been really elegantly developed to make them comfortable for a trip. The sun decks, the entertainment space, the dining area and all the social spaces on the yacht are open, relaxed and quite soothing which is perfect for a trip.

The guest rooms aboard the Newvida yacht are really spacious and have been decorated with luxurious upholstery even though still keeping a really refined and elegant touch. The yacht capabilities an open deck with sun beds in which the guests can take it easy and enjoy themselves on a sunny afternoon. There is a Jacuzzi accessible for the guests, which is one particular of the preferred spots on the yacht for the guests to unwind and socialize with buddies.

The yacht also has really spacious bathrooms, which exude a sense of luxury. The audio visual equipment and the communications equipment obtainable on board guarantee that the guests can be entertained and can remain in touch with the rest of the planet no matter where they are. A yacht like this would be the excellent way to cruise the Bahamas because of its comfort level and its seaworthiness.

Newvida Yacht is offered for charter from Fraser yachts, specialists in luxury yacht charter, sales and management.

The moment a haven for pirates, smugglers and bootleggers, the islands of The Bahamas are a retreat of fine white sand, subtle coral coloured beaches, lush tropical scenery, crystal clear waters and year-round sunshine possessing an regular year round temperature of 31c. There are more than 700 pretty islands covering a 100000 square mile location of the Atlantic ocean. Each and every of the 30 populated islands has its own distinct character and allure, and all you have to do is to decide on which one particular.New Providence, Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island are marvellous resorts, offering every single conceivable sport and recreational facility, planet class snorkelling, diving and a varied programme of evening entertainment and activities. Invest lazy days and crazy nights or simply do practically nothing at all but loosen up on a single of the soft powder white sandy beaches watching the ever transforming hues of the clear turquoise sea.
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